Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Wednesday, 25 June
The crops are doing well. First off is a batch of hats I made for a pair of favorite race promoters. They'll be prizes (maybe condolence gifts?) at a race later this season, but I won't tell you which one so you can't skip it and try to avoid winning one of these. [In all my Baker City blather, I forgot to mention that the local "fiber arts" shop has a new location; this was the first year I'd found it, and it was fun to compare selection and prices. Lots of stuff for spinners and felters and weavers, too.]

The crops from the garden are doing well. I'm getting about twice this many peas every two days now. Soon it will be time to start freezing them for stir fries next winter. I think the beans in the garden would be doing better if I'd bought new seeds instead of using leftovers from the last 5 years; the germination rate was not too high. It's June apple drop time, so we have quite a few little green ping-pong balls scattered across the garden.

And soon it will be berry season. The blueberries aren't quite, um, blue yet. But I hear that the Skagit Valley strawberries have started their run, so jam making can't be far behind. I will watch for my friends from Schuh Farms at the Lake City Farmers Market tomorrow. Most of the raspberries in my garden have set, although the bees are still there searching for more blossoms.

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