Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mason Lake 1

Saturday, 1 March

Nice day at Mason Lake. 44 cat 4 women, 17 cat 3 women, 12 cat 1-2 women. Plus one cat 1 who raced with cat 1-2 men. 74 women out of a total 343 riders = 22% of all racers. Nice.

I really have just one burning question from race day, though: Why does the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge have porta-potties? Can I park on the shoulder and jump over the jersey barrier to make a "rest stop"? They seem to be semi-permanent because they are lashed down. Are they for pedestrians who can't walk that far without a nature call? How come transportation dollars didn't pay for these on the I-90 bridge? Is this what the tolls pay for? They don't even match the bridge paint color scheme.


justfivegrins said...

Blue buddies on the new Gig Harbor Bridge are for the potential jumpers who want to ensure that they still have clean underwear when the cops haul them away.

Brian said...

Ever see what happens to a Port-O-Let that isn't tied down in 35 mile per hour winds?

Think poo (and not from birds!) on the windshield :-)

Since there are still construction crews on the bridge (will be for a while) Union rules require a means of relieving ones self while on jobsite. Otherwise we'd have a bunch of folks urinating over the side.


Dessa said...

Saw your quote on PI blog:

Martha says: "IT WAS SUNNY! Lots of flats during the morning races. The cat 4 men may have been the only race without a breakaway for most or all of the race. It was windy for the afternoon races."

Actually, in my CAT4 Starbucks was in breakaway for almost a lap with gap ~ 40 seconds. It was chased down though.

STOKED I AM said...

Oops. Sorry! I have a bad memory for race events, even for my own races. :)