Sunday, March 23, 2008



Yesterday was the Independence Valley Road Race. Erik and Dawn (and TGH) have done a great job of developing this race into a local spring classic. It's a beautiful course with the proverbial "something for everyone." After my race in the morning, I rode a lap backward in the afternoon, taking pictures along the way. Going that direction gives great views of Mt. Rainier in the long valley between the two climbs. And in case you don't think the course is hard enough, ask the promoter to reverse the race direction--those climbs are lots longer going the opposite way!

There were only a few flats yesterday and no crashes. More than 400 riders--including some from faraway places, such as Portland and Ohio and South Africa and Jamaica.

I wonder how many of those 400 were loony like me and went out for three hours in the rain this Easter morning. We sure didn't see anyone between here and Snohomish!

Afterthought: You know, that barn and my bike racing these days seem to have a lot in common.....


andrew said...

That's the problem with racing - it's a good way to spoil a scenic bike ride. I never noticed Ranier, or barns, or anything. I can however tell you what each guy in the break was riding.

Anonymous said...

There were 8 of us doing repeats up High Rock on Easter morning, you weren't the only one riding in that junk Easter morning. -Mike