Friday, November 02, 2007

Random thoughts

Friday, 2 November

I love this view from the stairwell next to my office. The colors just keep getting better (although the camera phone doesn't do them justice).

One-time, end-of-season race reimbursements make for a nice chunk of change. The team never shared its magic formula for making such calculations, but it turns out I was the most frequent racer (out of 200+ team members) and the check is generous. Thanks, JCV!

I second the suggestion by Anonymous that NWBuckeye should write a web page for promoters on how to professionally put on a bike race. It's some advice that could use sharing. I think the WSBA could make a home for such guidance.

Alastair, who crashed on a shoe last Saturday, is in great spirits. He's in a neck brace for 6 weeks, so no driving, no riding, and (in his words) no driving Formula One for a while. He had a humdinger of a black eye when I saw him earlier in the week and was due to have his cheekbone screwed and pinned back together yesterday. He carries on with his other hobby, though, and will have a showing of his photography at the U-Frame It on Broadway from November 14 through December 31. The title of the exhibit is "Fully Exposed," and let's just say that the photos are probably mostly of women. I was going to post a picture of the photo from the announcement, but that's probably a violation of his artistic property rights and Coach Curly would get on my case for violating his sense of family values.

Tomorrow is the WSBA calendar meeting when we get fodder for planning next year's race season. OBRA has been at this for two months, so it will be interesting to see what major conflicts develop. Most interesting so far is that the women's race at Mt. Hood (and not the men's race) is on the UCI calendar and the event has moved to mid-May. So now I'd need a UCI license to do one of the stage races closest to home?


Ted said...

You'll need a UCI license AND...I beleive you'll need to be on a team that starts a minimum of 4 riders.

UCI races usually have team minimums. That's why you'll always see funky team combos at North American UCI races.

STOKED I AM said...

Oh good. Now I have an excuse. :) I could always downgrade....

Ted said...

Or maye he should consider (or is considering) a womens masters race that is shorter. I know a few women who would really like that.

Mandy said...

how are you?
random comment. sadly i have no brainspace to devote to better race ideas. not that i couldn't conjure some up, but not while in school anyway.
also, this has not much to do with fall color except to say it's lovely out here, too. must be something about the company i have while riding, too. yup, the jonnycat fits nicely into the virginia way of life! he rocks.
peace and love to you and yours,