Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Tuesday, 20 November

19 hours door to door today from Dublin to home. Here are some of the photos I couldn't post while I was away.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw this shirt (and a sweatshirt with a big purple W) in a sports shop in Co Wicklow. This is Adidas clothing, and last time I checked Nike was the Huskies' official clothing company. The only other U.S. team on any clothing in this shop was the Yankees, so I am still puzzling about how the Dawgs got there.

I think this "morning coffee" set us back about $18.

I found a great running loop on this trip in one of Dublin's nicer suburbs (near a horse race track, past a golf course, past the Egyptian ambassador's house, and past a HUGE park). Most of it had some sort of sidewalk (sometimes all of 18 inches wide)--this was the only dodgy bit.

Compulsory visit to Grafton Street, the famous pedestrian-only shopping street at the center of Dublin. All decked out for Christmas, of course. The shop windows at Brown Thomas had amazing holiday scenes!

This is Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport in London. I decided today that globalization is just a big word for same-ization. Even the furniture and the milk pitchers were exactly the same as they are in the Starbucks that's 1/4 mile from my house. But hey, in London they gave me 55 cents off for using my own mug (instead of the 10 cents I save here).


Argentius said...

Now look here, madam.

It's not fair to artificially inflate the appearance of prices just because the US dollar is weaker than French coffee.

I'm guessing the London mug discount was 20p? Relative to their price of coffee, that's still probably an increase, but far from a doubling...

STOKED I AM said...

25p discount. Posted exchange rates that day were over $2 per pound sterling. And that was 25p off a cup of tea, which didn't quite make it free but amounted to a significant percentage of the price.