Friday, February 23, 2007

Two-track Oregon ?

Friday, 23 February

OK, so it's a long way from the introduction of a bill to the building of a velodrome, but you've got to start somewhere. Oregon could have TWO new velodromes:

Funds would come from lottery proceeds. I guess I'll have to buy a Powerball ticket next time I'm south of the border.


Argentius said...

When I was first getting into cycling, I road my road fixie, 63-inch gear and all, around Alpenrose for a dozen laps or so.

A little sketchy out there. The Bike Central people say all of the bumps, lumps, and duct tape in the 44-degree banking gives the track "character."

Hmmm.... not so sure.

Track racing does sound like a lot of fun, but there's no hills! And you have to buy another bike to do it. Whine, whine. PSU teammate and RCR racer Jimmy's Tiemeyer track bike is pretty darn sweet, though.

stokediam said...

I think racing at Alpenrose is sort of like skiing at Snoqualmie Pass. If you can do it really well under those conditions, then you're going to be good on any other track (or in any other snow). And the beauty of track bikes is in their simplicity (not that I have one to check out this asserstion!).