Saturday, February 10, 2007

Backseat driver

Saturday, 10 February

OK, so no one else thinks tunes in your shorts will make the training better, either (see below). But I assure you that training does go better on a tandem. Thanks, Sal!

Today I finally had a legitimate excuse for the backseat driving I am prone to do on a tandem: my captain had no clue where we were or where we were going (he's not from these parts). Fortunately for him, there were lots of long straightaways (E Lake Samm, Issaquah-Hobart, May Valley [mind the grates!!!], etc.) where I mostly shut up or blathered at someone else. It was a gorgeous day--58 degrees when I got home--and a mostly mellow ride. We took some long pulls and had to chase back on after a couple of spots that were hard to navigate on the tandem, and about 90 minutes after we got off the bike, I realized that my legs were really tired for a mostly flat 59-mile ride. One thing I love about riding tandem is that perceived effort is LESS than the amount of work you really do. Having tons of fun getting a hard workout: who needs music in their shorts?


Argentius said...

Well lucky you's. 58 degrees? Wow.

It was fairly cold in portland -- well, 45 or so -- but it rained and there were 25mph winds.

On the plus side, there aren't enough 2-to-4 mile climbs in Seattle.

Old as dirt said...

Now you have to move prudog's blog to the partners in tandem heading?

stokediam said...

Are you saying that a one-night stand makes someone a "partner"?

Coach Curly said...

I thought this was a family blog... fyi... my 1 y/o read this so keep it clean.

Old as dirt said...

When, I'm on the other side of the world a one night stand does make someone a "partner" for sure!!!