Saturday, February 17, 2007


Saturday, 17 February

I did the FRM team ride today, riding tandem with Old As Dirt. After 65 hard miles, we roll into Snohomish. OAD teammate says, "We could go antiquing!" I say, "And carry it all home on the back of your bike?" And OAD says, "Isn't that what I've already got on the back of my bike?"

Apart from that little quip, it was a nice 90-mile ride today...except that we keep getting dropped on the climbs. I guess that's what happens when your stoker is an antique.


Coach Curly said...

now that's my kind of humor.

Argentius said...

I think I'd get shelled on the hills on a tandem. Maybe with a LOT a lot of practice it would be different, but, climbing seems like it is all about rhythm changes and pace and everything else that's pretty personal -- it seems like the lag between the riders would make it hard to react when your legs felt like they needed something different.

How about Kerry's skinsuit-equipped superpocket thighs?

That guy deserves a whole blog post. He would be the ultimate fred except he is far too fast for that.

stokediam said...

We DO get shelled on the hills on the tandem! Everybody keeps saying "oh, you'll get used to climbing together," and I have to wonder what we did so right at the Mary's Peak hillclimb last August--our first race ever together--when we beat most of the single bikes.

Argentius said...

Do you have some kinda thingee where it tells you when people's weblogs are updated?

That would be neat.

stokediam said... will ping you when a weblog has been updated--but I don't know if that counts comments or not.