Friday, December 26, 2008

Two weeks and counting

St. Stephen's Day

Today marks two entire weeks of not riding my bike outside. I don't think I've ever strung together so many consecutive days of not rolling down the street. Earlier in the week, I was optimistic that we'd get out this weekend. But this was the state of my street late this afternoon, after a day of "thawing" (a neighbor reported that it snowed here most of the day). The street (in north Seattle) is covered by 6-8 inches of compacted snow, with slush at the bottom. Driving in this is exceedingly difficult; we pushed 3 cars (one with chains, one with all-wheel drive) out of the spots they were mired in during a short walk on Christmas morning, and I pushed another all-wheel drive vehicle that got stuck backing out of a driveway while I was on my way to the bus this morning (the bus never came, but that's another story--and another 5-mile walk). It doesn't really look like the snow/ice/slop soup will be gone in time for a weekend ride!

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Argentius said...

Ugh indeed. We get the occasional freeze, but so rarely so much glop so early!

I'm ecstatic to be back on the bike today, even in the dark and cold, even in the wind and rain.

While at my mother's in Portland, we managed NOT to get her Audi wagon stuck very often, but we packed a shovel!