Saturday, December 06, 2008

How do I say this ?

Saturday, 6 December
(Happy Birthday tomorrow, .n.!)

I know of at least three Seattle groups whose "training rides" have the unstated objective of dropping as many people as they can. Wait? Regroup? Hah. LSD base miles? "I don't want to lose all my fitness." Testosterone isn't quotable but seems to be a factor. And I can't tell you how many times I've been hanging on to the back of some group of male riders when one of them comes back and starts griping--just to me--about how so-and-so is riding too hard. Do they gripe to the offender? Not so much, apparently, because it's a pretty regular occurrence and the offending is mutual (they take turns griping and riding too hard at the front).

Today I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of riding with one of our local pro riders. He was on a nice Felt with his name on the top tube. I was on my 3-year-old Redline with disc brakes and fenders. He saw no need to drill it on the flats or drop us on the climbs (and, happily, nobody was going to attack him on the climbs!). It was an enjoyable, pleasant ride. His season starts in the middle of February and there he was in early December, training at a pace that someone his mother's age could keep up with.

I often say I ride and race for the entertainment value; you never know where you're going to find it!


Brian said...

Ummm... I averaged 15 mph today.

TPR ride? C'mon, you are always welcome :-)

David said...

Tell the "offenders" to come to the Rocket Ride...they will get some of their own medicine. The local pro on your ride is a closet "offender"...he shows up to the Rocket Ride, too.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss .n.'s b-day!?! Happy belated!

I need to ride with you and Mick in the winter. When and where do you meet?