Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sign up for Elkhorn

Wednesday, 13 June

Thursday update: Deadline extended to Sunday. And, in case you're one of the few who races for the money, for the crit, prizes for the women's Pro/1/2 field will match the men's Pro/1/2; the women's Cat 3/4 field will match the men's Cat 3. Thanks to Beverly of Bella's (; she is an even bigger supporter of this women's race than I am. And she sells luscious wine and chocolate and etc.

You've got just two days left to sign up for the best regional single-bike stage race around:

Why race Elkhorn?

  • Beer (at the finish).
  • Cookies (at the Friday night pasta feed--there's pasta too).
  • Empty roads (the only cars are race support vehicles).
  • Spectacular scenery (Blue Mountains, green valleys, Oregon Trail, Hells Canyon).
  • Great community support (everybody asks how your race is going).
  • The excitement of racing with riders from all over the West Coast (but no pro teams).
  • Tough racing. Good camaraderie.
  • Best excuse for a rest week before all those crits over 4th of July weekend.
  • Because it's FUN and you don't want to miss out.


Ted said...

Best stage race in the far...and I've done way too many stage races in the NW.

Come on people what else are going to do that weekend? The state circuit race championship? Why is there a state CR? There should be a state downhill race for road bikes too...

Argentius said...

Hey, because I'm beggin' everywhichwhere:

Can SOMEONE help me get my bikes to Elkhorn?


I'm registered, but still searchin' for a carpool... I found a seat for me, potentially, but still no room for bikes.

Ted said...

The preliminary start list for Elkhorn is up now:

Don't know if that helps ya.

Some very strong women in the 1/2 race...small field...strong women...that's how Elkhorn always is.

STOKED I AM said...

Yeah, I am particularly worried about that very strong woman from Pullman....

Ted said...

That's not what I meant!!!

I was talking more about the woman from Cali. She beat up Bev Harper a few weeks ago in a 40K tt...keep in mind that Bev was 2nd in the TT at Hood.

Also, there is a very strong girl from Bob's that will be there. Your race wil be very interesting. Every year it seems as though the women's 1/2 field is small but stacked and it is happening again this year.

thank God I'm a 3...

STOKED I AM said...

And then there's that girl from Hood River who'll sign up 4 minutes before stage one....But yes, the CA and UT contingents will keep us from getting complacent.