Friday, June 29, 2007

Not about the bike

Friday, 29 June
I went to my local farmers market on Thursday afternoon and bought these beauties from Schuh Farms in the Skagit Valley. That's a whole flat, 12 pints of fresh-picked strawberries from 50 miles away instead of 1500.

So my Friday afternoon/evening was busy, making a total of 17 jars of jam, some little, some big. It's the perfect stuff on pancakes before a long winter ride! Mmmmm.

And there's no rest for the weary because the raspberries are coming on like gangbusters--a pint and a half tonight from my garden. I freeze what we can't eat (well, that's not quite true; I leave out enough for dessert and breakfast and freeze the rest) and already have more than half of what I need for a batch of jam.

And on Monday morning, I'll be out there picking blueberries to top off the cereal bowl! 75 feet, 15 seconds from bush to bowl. I love this time of year.


Argentius said...

I'm jealous!

You should sell me some jam!

I loves the jam and toast...

Also, did you change your user and blog name because it was confusing people? "Stokediam" does roll off the tonge a little differently than Stoked, I am.

It's more like Yoda.

STOKED I AM said...

When I made a new blog, I discovered how much easier it was to add links & stuff in the new format (spare me from HTML), so I switched this one over and I guess the change happened when I made the new profile. Nothing intentional really....

andrew said...

What's the going rate for a flat of strawberry's? Somehow Kirkland wants $25 a flat! Is that new this year, or just the "K-town surcharge"?