Friday, May 11, 2007

Product review

Friday, 11 May

Maybe I should've titled this post "I think I'm losing my marbles." Yesterday's mail brought me a nifty little packet that contained a Jimi wallet. Junk mail? Probably not: it's got first-class postage and a packing slip (with no price) with my name and address and a viable commercial product. Mail order? I honestly don't think I did. But (here's the scary part) it's something I would have bought given the opportunity--so maybe I did? It's a spiffy plastic container just big enough to carry a few credit cards and the measly collection of cash in my regular wallet. That means it's the perfect thing to slip into my jersey pocket (it'll even fit the XS pockets on an XS jersey) for training rides. And it's made from recycled plastic. It's great. Except that figuring out how it came to me is driving me crazy. If you're responsible, thank you!

Other manna from heaven this week came from AxleyUSA. I think these cool pink glasses (is that a standard color option, PruDog?) are Bandits. They look, um, chunky, but they fit my face and the temples aren't too wide. They got rave reviews (coordinated with my pink jersey and pink socks) at Seward last night. And, since it's finally gotten warm enough to stow the Axley wool sweater in the closet for a couple of months, I have a new Axley T-shirt to sport. O.A.D. thinks it was intended for a PruPuppy but it is way better than one of those size M race T-shirts that are too big to even sleep in. Watch for it in Wenatchee. And thanks, PruDog. Chad's hat is on the list.

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