Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bike to Work Day

Wednesday, 16 May
Happy Birthday, Nathan!

This Friday, May 18, Mt. St. Helens day, is Bike to Work Day in Seattle. How many commute stations can you visit on your morning ride to work?

If I take the long way to work (which is just the reverse of my long way home), I'll go by three. It means leaving early, but since it's officially called Starbucks Bike to Work Day, maybe there will be some caffeinated incentives to help me on my way?

Hope to see you out there. Guess I should wear a team jersey instead of my usual fredly commuter garb....

1 comment:

Coach Curly said...

I think jeans and a t-shirt are fine for Starbucks Casual Bike to Work Friday... I'll check with HR