Monday, January 29, 2007

Blogger factoid

Monday, 29 January

From today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Study: Blogs more hype than hit

Here's an interesting tidbit. The Sacramento Bee reports that, according to MRI Research and CBS chief research officer David Poltrack, only 8 percent of Americans read blogs.

"One of the things that's probably overstated by the press is how many people are visiting online blogs," Poltrack said in a presentation to TV critics recently. "I think you all blog each other, but I'm not sure the rest of the world is joining in the process that much."

The 8 percent figure is based on a survey of 20,000 people. In a conversation later, Poltrack told the Bee that he would guess the majority of people who do read blogs are bloggers themselves.

"That does not leave a whole lot of real people who spend their time with blogs," he said.


Argentius said...

I am a fake person.

Coach Curly said...

If I could read, I would read your blog... 87% of blog readers can't read... and 92% of statistics are made up by 62% of statisticians

stokediam said...

So I should just keep on with the pictures (hats, trees) because a picture is worth 1000 words, and 1000 is a number, and numbers don't lie? Hmmm, maybe a photo from tandem racing at the Frostbite TT?

Cat Fo' said...

I read that article and I have to say... I don't think that interviewing 20,000 Amish folks without computers constitutes a good random sample. Got your entry btw... the wife said "What does OAD mean on this waiver?"

stokediam said...

Since the story "broke" in the Sacramento Bee, they were probably onion farmers and not Amish folks. But I'm pretty sure they weren't 20,000 people from, say, Berkeley or Palo Alto. And obviously not from Seattle.