Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 by the numbers

New Year's Day, 2007

Number of tandem partners: seven. (THANK YOU Martin, Sal, Mick, Jamie, Corrie, Brian, and Kent! Jamie, Sal, and Kerry have labels for this that I won't post.)

Number of crits started: six. (And I finished five--and wasn't DFL in any of them. Quite an achievement for me.)

Number of trips to the Willamette Valley: nine. (That's, like, 95 hours of driving, or equivalent to nearly 2.5 weeks at work.)

Number of indoor time trials: twenty. (Yikes! That's more than some people raced on the road all season.)

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tia said...

very nice!
i don't want to even think about how many "work weeks" i spent in my car this year getting to and from work!