Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thanks, Jonny & PDog!

Tuesday, 17 October

Thanks to Jonny from Recycled for picking up the pieces of me and my bike that I managed to spread all over the street at Denny Blaine Park north of Leschi on Sunday. I never imagined that plastic rain jackets were like so much teflon when launched at 20 mph over a wet road. I needed some kevlar around my rib cage, though.

And thanks to PDog for being the gallant gentleman and offering to loan me the cyclocross bike of his wife, the "very pregnant, very hot Mrs. PDog" (his words, not mine), for my little trial in that cycling discipline. Hopefully the wounds will moderate by next Wednesday so that I can do a few laps around Marymoor.

Thanks again, guys!! Jonny, I hope I never have to return that favor, and PDog, if I go on one of your rides right now, even Craig will be complaining that he didn't know anyone could ride THAT slow!

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