Friday, July 14, 2006

Rest day no. 2

Bastille Day

Another day of doing not much here in Seven Springs. Martin and I did three laps of our road race course on the tandem, figuring out gear selection and lines to take on the descents (there are two that are fast and fun). We then headed out doing the long course backward to meet up with Clint. We got to go down a hugely fun, long descent. Problem was that we met up with Clint about 3 miles later and had to turn around and slog our way all the back up that climb to the resort. And then once we're on resort property, it's another 1.5-mile climb back up to our condo.

After lunch, I hopped on my single bike and rode the more technical of the two descents, partly to actually SEE the road and partly to work out some of the tandem aftereffects. The descents on the course and getting to and from it were no problem (control of my single bike is often an issue after riding the tandem), but that was an awful lot of climbing for 8 miles of an easy spin. We are going to pack the bikes into our "car" tomorrow and drive to somewhere with flatter roads so we can just have an easy day before Clint and I have our individual road races on Sunday. I keep trying to remind myself that all this climbing is training for the Co-Motion tandem stage race next week.

Martin is bored stiff because he doesn't race again until the tandem road race on Monday at 4:30. He sees no reason to save his energy or save his legs (although he did have a long poolside stint this afternoon in a lounge chair). We are going to luge tomorrow after our bike ride. It sounded like a lot of fun once I found out you get your own brake! I'm a little worried about falling on my face when I get off the chairlift at the top, though.

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