Monday, April 03, 2006

Ice Breaker Time Trial

Sunday, 5 March

Short report: It was a very windy day. I couldn't make my bike go in a straight line, I had to get out of the aero bars, and I had to stop pedaling about 20 times.

Martin started 30 seconds behind me and passed me within about 2 miles like I was standing still. My time wasn't anywhere near what it should have been. It is such a disappointment to have a bad day at a time trial....

Somewhat happier was our ride on the tandem, 90 minutes later. We beat last year's time--by one second. We saved face, too, by beating our 30-second guy, Jamie, by that same one second. He taunted us at the turnaround, but the headwind on the way back was really hard the second time (fatigue) and we never saw him again. I guess we have some endurance-building to do before the 40K season rolls around!

Race results are posted here.

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