Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hooray for teammates

Tuesday, 25 April

The results prove it. Allison is such a great teammate. (Actually, I think she's just a great person and that transfers over to everything else she does.) She and I and Suz and Carrie comprised the riders of the TRIA team at Willamette. At the end of Sunday's stage, when I was trying to motor along on the flats in the last 20K and catch Maria, I was apparently running out of steam because the Allison train came cruising past like I didn't know how to time trial. Good thing I was able to hop on and stay with her all the way to the finish! Left to my own pace, I clearly would've slipped farther down GC. Thanks to Allison's help, I finished 6 seconds ahead of Maria in GC (and 7 behind Allison):

9 08:07:25,03 Beall, Allison TRIA
10 08:07:32,63 Walsh, Martha TRIA
11 08:07:38,23 Lee, Maria Symmetrics

This gave TRIA 3 riders in the top 10! Not so bad for a team with anonymous blue jerseys!

Full race results are here.


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