Friday, November 07, 2008

Small boxes are nice too

Friday, 7 November

Some people get as excited about the stuff that came in the mail yesterday as I got about the new frame that arrived on Tuesday. Parts! Really new parts. I've got to get this stuff home so I stop opening the boxes back up to drool while I'm at work!


Brian said...

For 2010, Campagnolo changes their hood height to be more like Shimano. Shimano however changes their hood height to be more like Campag and Sram.

So confusing.

Looks nice. Wheel choice?

PS- Word verification was "Sebass" Love it.

Stoked said...

I plan to stick with my Campy wheels. Maybe the 404s off Mick's new bike if it's not a windy day.

MT said...

OK, I'm officially jealous.

Old as dirt said...

So,I'm hoping for a lot of wind next spring ;-)