Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Free to a good home

Tuesday, 9 October

I'm trying to clean house. I can't do it in the spring because I'm too busy racing, so what better time than the autumn when suddenly I'm spending a whole lot more time here and discovering what a cluttered place I live in. I managed to find happy homes (well, at least paying homes) for almost all my orange team clothing (thanks, Argentius!). And I found something that I think you really need for storing your helmets or racing shoes or rolls of bar tape or glasses or water bottles or whatever.

This is a great kitchen cabinet, built by a real cabinet maker in Woodinville. It's made out of vintage plywood (real wood, not sawdust and glue). It's 36 inches wide x 12.5 inches deep x 14 inches high. The hinges and latches work great, and the doors hang and swing straight.

I've tried putting it out by the street with a "free" sign, but the weather has been so marginal the last couple of weeks that I haven't been able to leave it out there long enough to find a new home for it. So I think you really need this cabinet in your garage or basement. I'll even deliver it in NE Seattle, or you can come by and pick it up.

The next option is to let my 13-year-old niece go at it with a sledge hammer, and that seems like a waste. It's calling your name.....


andrew said...
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andrew said...
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Juicey said...

Funny, I've been cleaning my cluttered house too! I finally was able to address the overwhelmingly LARGE pile of stuff that has been accumulating since spring... what better time to do that than before the winter miles start?

Are you riding for a different team next season?

STOKED I AM said...

On the different team: yes. Watch for the press release next week when the ink is dry on all the signatures.

Anonymous said...

Free Free
I can help get that cabnet to a good home
Thanks Keith Blumhagen