Thursday, March 08, 2007

Remember riding in January ?

Thursday, 8 March

My employer thought it was a great idea to encourage people to ride their bikes to work in all kinds of weather conditions at the beginning of the year (remember them all?). Some people had so much fun doing it that they were inspired to submit their own haiku describing the experience. You can read the whole lot here. The winner of this part of the Ride in the Rain competition was:

I hate being wet / but I have no choice because / my husband makes me.

I thought that one was worth mentioning here. Another that strikes chords of sympathy:

Morning sky is blue / Black is ice upon the street / bicycle slides, body hurts.

Skipping over most of the sappy ones, this one might be a happy summary of why we ride if only it didn't imply we are going in endless circles:

It is a circle / Pleasure, pain, gain and again / Ride hard, ride often.


stokediam said...

In defense of O.A.D., I have to confess that I was a bike commuter before I met him. What I really hated was having to be a BUS commuter in January!

Old as dirt said...

I was going to say you didn't have to include your own entry.And First too!!